Monday, December 31, 2007

Right into 2008

Sweet sixteen, they said.
Well i said too
What utter rubbish. But it's not irreplaceable.
It hasn't been a good year at all. Too much has happened and the rotten cherry atop a smooshed cake was that blogcharm closed without notice and took with it all my heartfelt, typing while crying and drunk, posts.
It's useless to fight it now i feel. They're gone, all of them posts. What's the point in saving them, even if i do have til midnight tonight and even if i do manage to get the cached version of all of them? Gone, and just like i've had to learn this year, i have to let go.
i must let go and so, that's exactly what i'm doing now.
I figure i'll blog on New year's day,
for now, i'm trying to do up this little git.
All my love, and in case you don't read this afterwards,
Happy 2008!

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