Wednesday, September 14, 2011


"Hey Charis," she says as I'm climbing out the car right after hugging her, "you're very precious to me."
Her words catch me off guard, I'm smiling, but I feel like I'm about to cry too.
"Thank you. Am I really? How's that?" I reply, reaching for my bag in the back.
"I just, realize things sometimes. I want to watch you grow."

"I'm really lucky to have you," I say as I wave goodbye.

Some people have talked about an appeal to Emotion, an insincerity. How the proof is in the money they pay you, because it's the most tangible.
But it's not like that, not always. I understand fully, an appeal to emotion and some people being like that. I do know, but it doesn't always hold true.
Some people really are honest and good, some people really do just want the best for you.

The proof is in the pudding-
You'll see it in full clarity in the quality of production at these people's hands.
And if the proof is also in the money, then I have nothing to say because I've nothing to complain about.

Maybe you don't think so but everytime I think about it, I do think,
"Truly, I'm lucky to have her."

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