Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sometimes I wonder if things work for us only when we deliberately make it harder for ourselves.

When I was in LA, classes at The Acting Corps started at Ten everyday. And everyday, I chose to go for the optional hour-long Daily Actors Workout that started at half past eight.
This might not seem like a lot, and no, compared to what's happening here, it wasn't a lot in terms of contact time. In fact, the intensity of The Acting Corps was close to nothing when put beside what I've got here. It is the equivalent of just one class of the classes I have during my days here.

But it added to my person. That's what the situation did for me, it stretched me as a person because it made me stretch myself. I would wake up between 4/4.30am every morning. One, so I could talk with my girlfriend before she went to bed and then Two, so I could work out and go run and shower before I got picked up. And yes, San Gabriel to North Hollywood was considered "close by" because without traffic it would take us a half hour to forty-five minutes. However, the freeway we took always promised us a jam, which meant we always had to give ourselves more time for the drive.
And coming home after classes would take up the rest of my afternoon. Yes, I do mean that it would take me three hours, because it did.

Frankly, I didn't have much of a life either in that it wasn't like I had time to go out and party or any of the sort. There'd be time for late lunches with classmates but if you ask my family where I was, I most certainly wasn't with them for the most part.
But I never really complained, and yes, I was relieved when it was all over but not because I'd lost myself.

I never lost myself there.

And if circumstances make things easier here and the only difficult thing is the life and I'm the only one in the way,
then how is that I'm always scrambling to see if the mirror still shows me the person I remember?

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