Friday, June 28, 2013

Eyes wide shut and dreaming wide awake

That's the thing about falling in love though, isn't it?
When the time comes, it's so hard to leave. Even though you're supposed to. Even though possibly, right now isn't the time.
And even though you know there are some things you just have to wait out.

That's the other thing about falling in love.
You tell yourself you won't. You tell yourself not to do it. You tell yourself that you've done this enough and that when it comes time, you're going to pack your bags full of memories and resentment and all the rest of the love you've got that you shouldn't give away, and you're going to walk through the swinging doors back to your life.

Except she'll walk through the open door, into the room you've both shared, and hold you, and ask you what's wrong. And you'll look up at her and wonder why you can't stay here. Just the two of you, here, for two seconds longer than you're supposed to.

But then, I guess that's also the thing about love-
That she'll hold you even when you're preoccupied with being sad. That she'll remind you that you'll possibly both come back here, maybe.
That she's holding your hand, bringing you through to the other side when you're straining to look behind you until there's nothing left to see.

At least, not for a while.

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