Monday, September 15, 2014

Where'd you go?

I think I've lost sense of time and space and days and weeks. 
I don't know where I am, half the time. What I'm thinking, what I want...
I don't. 
Maybe you can tell me-
You could say
"You look like you need some sleep."
"You could use a nice long swim."
"Here. Here's a hug."

I have conversations purely out of habit. So that I don't trip up on the mess of telephone wires in my head that are running conversations back and forth and all over the place like it's connecting people who are worlds apart. 
Not that I would know what any kind of connection feels like at the moment though. 

My words are cold and empty. They hang in the air and don't mean anything. 
My voice is hoarse from words that have scratched the insides of my throat trying to get out. 
I am tired out from trying to keep track of the world and its spinning and all the different directions it spins. At the same time. 

But mostly, I am numb. 
It's an okay place to be, I guess. 

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