Thursday, December 25, 2014

She laughs way too loud, drinks way too much wine
Stumbling precariously along dirt roads in life
She holds your hand just a little too tight
But she smiles just a little bit when someone says "you're mine"

And there are stories she saves
For quiet midnight moons
Songs she sings when she's alone in her room

You don't have to be broken
To know how to break
Silences that echo, that echo with hate
Embedded so deep in the cracks of her bones
The ones she runs her fingers along
When she's all alone

And you don't have to say all the things you don't mean
You don't have to help her paint
such picturesque dreams

Because I'll bet she can unravel
All the prettiest lies
And still mean it when she says,
She'll stay through the night

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