Thursday, January 1, 2009

To 2009

Pop the champagne for me, because there's no alcohol, here on New Year's.
The night out with my cousin's family was great, complete with fantastic dinner and a movie and lovely dessert.

It's quieter this year, a lot quieter.
It's also the first year that my mommy's got somewhere to be and I don't. I'm glad for her though, because she wouldn't have this much fun on a New Year's back in Singapore. It's just that well, I don't have anywhere to be.

But quiet is good.
They often say that the way you enter into the New Year is the way you'll be for the rest of the year. If this means quiet and at the computer for me, I don't quite mind I suppose.
Big year ahead to prep for.
By big I mean, it's this stepping stone to a lot of other bits and pieces of my life.

I'll get to travel a bit. Quite a bit in fact, which I really like.
So, yay me(:

So 2008.
Well, 2008 is, well, over.
But it was also incredibly eventful with so many many things to remember and lock away.
Forget sweet sixteen and legal eighteen, the fun bit is the in between. (that SO rhymes, which sounds a bit cheesy but is cute nonetheless!)

So well, I went into this year with no expectations whatsoever. It's the year to be wasted, they all said, cos it's not like you can do a damn thing. Not legally anyways.

But, life is always what you don't plan for.
So I found myself grappling with stuff I wasn't ready for at the time, on top of getting scared now and then of growing up too fast and all that bullshit.

Anyway, it's probably just the inspiration of popsicle feeties and feeling sad,
but for the most part, I'm scared I'm not ready for 2009.
It's different. I don't have a major exam to be working up for. There's this consistency that I need, to guarantee me a place in University. And there's all that other crap, like which University, school fees, scholarships, loans. Things I used to just talk about with the knowledge that it was far away enough for me to still dream about.

I've been crying too much today.
And I'm crying thinking about one of the first things I cried about, which honestly shouldn't really matter.

There's so much I don't want to think about, but I know I'm deliberately not thinking about those things, which make me want to think about them even more.

Anyway, what the fuck, it's New Year's.
Alcohol isn't the only thing that makes me happy.

So, to a brilliant 2009 to the rest of you!

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