Monday, February 9, 2009


Charis, you are a big fat oafy sap and will shut up!
ah, the shmucks of the world.

i thought I was much much better today but I wasn't.
I was headachey and went for a nap in the afternoon, although I slept from 6.30pm yesterday all the way to 9am today.
Now I am terribly headachey and am wondering if I should go to bed.
At the same time I feel like gagging and throwing up.
At the same time, I'm rather preoccupied with my bloody weird dream about glow in the dark thunderbeads.
No prize for guessing which old movie I most recently watched.

can't wait to get away!
And Friday is beach-day:D
oh no, my week hasn't even started yet and I'm already feeling so tired.

why's that so!

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