Monday, March 16, 2009

filling in the spaces


have i not blogged at all since I've been back?

Stupidly enough, I was just about to rant and rave about people who hardly ever update their blogs. What rubbish i say!
Then I went to my own blog (which i like to think i regularly update) and TADAH,
something from a million years ago.

So work's been awfully busy since I got back.
Having Buttons (yes that's her name now) is almost like really having a baby. (Dammit, can you imagine when I really DO have a kid? Christ!)
She catnaps, so she keeps waking up at random hours and starts attacking imaginary bits of hair that desperately try to escape her claws.
She does curl up with me at night though, and is a perfect angel. Save for her obsession with my hair and catching it, oblivious to scratching my face.

I've hardly had time to sit at the computer. Heather goes unused and untouched for days, save for Buttons sleeping on top of her because she's warm.
On the whole, I'm either too busy or too tired.
"You've no life cos of work," Bird says. Which is true, but I don't hate it and quite love it, actually.

So, my lovely excuse for the lack of blogging.
Bangkok was fantastic, save for them confiscating my liquids. This included my Victoria Secret Shaving cream. But c'mon, it's cream, not liquid! AND IT'S VICTORIA SECRET.
i swear to God, she just wanted to chuck it because I kicked up a fuss.

It's the first day of hols, and as it turns out, I didn't have to work!
Yay Me!
So I slept in til noon (and I haven't done that since I cannot remember) and spent the day watching How I Met Your Mother and kissing my baby girl at the end of every episode.
It was pouring today. Lovely lazy day.

My room's amazingly tidy, believe it or not. I've even managed to clear out my suitcase from LA!
My my my.

I've got a website in progress, thanks to Veeektor who slogs away while I tell people about the pretty website.
Well, I'm sitting here, with a bleeding headache and gastric and I'm not quite sure what to do with myself.
Rather bored, you see.

And mind you, I'm never bored. I don't have time to be bored, and I don't like being bored.
It's quite funny actually.
You spend your days doing so many things that when you finally take a break, you fill it up with other non-work things that need to be done.
Well today's as much a rest as anyone can ask for I suppose.
and tomorrow too.
Tomorrow ought to be lovely, with my collection of new stuffs.
Not to mention my goooorgeous Oreo Cheescake birthday cake from bakerzin!



Anonymous said...

lol cream is also liquid la woman. lol


Charis Vera said...

but i don't see why! KNS