Wednesday, April 8, 2009

omg, my sister's calender is right beside me and every single box (day of the month) is filled with STUDY BIO, STUDY GEOG, STUDY A MATH, STUDY A MATH, STUDY SS, STUDY BIO, STUDY GEOG alternatively.

And what did I do? I did something like HALF A CHAPTER today and got sleepy. grooooan. But at least I'm pretty sure I'll finish my assignment by tomorrow.
Kudos to ME!
Plus, I've booked my Public Speaking exam already. diddums.
If it was a live presentation, it wouldn't be half as bad. It's just theoretical stuff.

I am super uber, completely tired today because half of today (not really but i swear it felt like it) I felt like stabbing people in the FACE.
Especially that horrid smelly little girl in her godawful uniform who couldn't move her bleeding bag for me to sit down. stupid fool. (it's not as trivial as it sounds, being typed out)
And yes well, lots of other stuff. Like people staring at empty seats for FIVE MINUTES while the front door is open and everyone's staring at the man staring at the empty seat and there is desperate need for SPACE BECAUSE FIVE PEOPLE ARE WAITING TO GET ON THE BUS.

Seriously, how stupid can you get!

Sweet Loooooooord! Go lick your asshole clean and live there for the rest of your miserable life, PLEASE.

Aren't I just a sodding bitch today!
Well I deserve to be. It was hot and warm and like, Jeebus, you could feel heat radiating from the pavement. And I would know because I had to shake out stones that slipped into my fucking shoes.
And you have smelly girls who refuse to move their fugly bags and fuglier faces and decide to stare intently at their stupid BUBBLE TEA CUP FOR THE REST OF THE BUS RIDE.

(omg I am sooooo ah lian right now!)
yeah I know, I'm being really mean to this girl. But she was the mouldy squishy cherry with maggots wriggling out of it- atop my stale and oddly tasting cake.

I wanted to murder so many people today it sort of scared me.
HAHA NOT REALLY. I STILL WANT TO MURDER THEM and let Buttons eat the remnants of their sorry little bodies.


my tongue hurts)):

There's soooo much to dooo and just about sufficient time but weeeeeeeell...

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