Sunday, November 8, 2009

well-deserved holiday

I had an INSANE hair-ripping five hours today, no yesterday. It started in the late afternoon and ended up with Vic and I having dinner at half past ten.
Because yes, I only finished my work at that time.

I've never spent this much time on an essay, and it's only three, four pages long. eurgh. I don't feel like I've elaborated enough. I don't feel like it's good enough.
I don't feel like it's enough, period.
And it frustrates me. It's my final assignment for this module, the least I can do is freaking get it right, right?

But my brain, it was swimming with all the things I needed to say but it refused to construct decent sentences.

okay, forget it, it's over and I've sent it in.

Noooooow I am off to Batam with the bestest company in the world! (after my famahwee of course)
Hello Sun, sea, sand and awesome worship:D:D

It's very well deserved, I'd say. I finished my last English assignment for the entire module, I finished five shows and a month long of intensive rehearsals, I lost about half a handful of blubber, I did my first write-up for an InwardBound program and I learnt A LOT of awesomely cool techniques during my last two Muay Thai Classes.
omg I love it sooo much.

So yay, happiness much!

Happy Batam! (as Shawn puts it. hahahaa)


ps: I<3 Vineyard Conferences SOOOOOOOOOO much! I can't wait for this one!

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