Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Don't you make me spin

I don't say this enough but-
I like how we talk. How we get each other. How I can lie beside you on a random grass patch.
I like how, when our words come out, they find each other. Sorta like little people running into each other and going, "Hey dude! We're wearing matching outfits!"

I like how different we are, but how we have similar takes and opinions. How we take in each other's perspectives, how we're able to see.
How we try. I like that, I like how we try. And how we want to.
It often takes me aback but, I like how I want to.

I like how we don't talk. How we sit. How we find swings or sand or water.
Trace words on each other's back and whisper things we don't always catch.

I like the way you are with me. The way I find I believe you, the way I trust, the way I'm allowed to be.
I like the way we are, and how we've found ourselves.

And uh,
I kinda like you


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