Monday, August 5, 2013

The shorter end of the stick

There are so many things we should have been talking about that just gave way to this...This situation instead.

And that's what upsets me, even now.
Because how are we going to backpedal through the entire month to find all the things we should have been pouring out to each other while we were fighting someone else's battle instead?

So sure, we can fix this, and we'll get back on track with each other and be okay- I'm sure of it.
But all the stuff I've missed out on with you, and you with me, how do make up for that? And why are we the ones having to do making up of any sort anyway, when it wasn't us who started or were directly involved in this whole tragic affair in the first place?

And y'know,
Y'know how I've always said I wouldn't have wanted you to never have helped? And you know how I keep saying that at least we tried and it should make us happy that our friends are?
It's a little bit hard to keep telling myself that when I find ourselves here.

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