Monday, September 1, 2008

For the first time, you're screaming to tell someone something
but they don't want to listen.
It's funny, because in the amount of time that leads up, you're often fighting with yourself and thinking about outcomes.

Anyway, I had this really weird dream last night!
OMG so weird okay!

I dreamt that I was at a polyclinic with Enqing and the queue was really long.
In fact, it was just, crowded.
Another thing that struck me was that we were one of the few asians there. Everyone else was white.
So anyway, I was at the counter getting my name written down. Then this bitch from PL (actually I don't know her in real life and I don't even think she exists but in the dream she was an ex-PL girl too) she says in a loud voice to her fellow ah lian,
"Oh it's that one. Only want to pretend that she's from udder (other) country. Actually ah, she is sure Singaporean one lor. Oh wait, not is born in Singapore right? Actually she is Malaysian one lor!"

In my dream that is.

I don't know why, but in my dream my father's name has a huge weightage at the clinic. So I was like,
"Actually, my name is Charis Vera Ng. I am NOT a Singaporean OR a Malaysian. I was born in the UK and I have a British passport, which also explains why my IC is blue. And by the way, I'm the daughter of Michael Ng Khai Loon."

you should have seen those counter nurses scuttle and how those two girls were immediately rushed out of the waiting room so that I wouldn't have to breathe their air.

As if that wasn't funny enough,
Wendy Cheng was there. And she wasn't so bad! Andandand! (the scariest part) I sort of clicked with her because of her superbly gorgeous pink laptop (which she doesn't actually have in real life). Well, it wasn't just the laptop, it was the love for all things pink.
Oh dear, how scary.

My favourite colour is red, just so you guys know.
But I do love pink because I think it's a cute colour:D:D

Anyway, while we were waiting for our turn to get called in (by then the nurse had already called out for Chee Enqing. And i remember that part super clearly in my dream!), i hung out and went for lunch with Wendy, who was there with her friend KK as well as a random bloke who i was never introduced to.


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