Saturday, May 16, 2009

when shit hits the fan

Out of all the things I don't like to talk about, which include Cockroaches, eating gross things, pimples, Extreme Racism, what tops the list is money.
It's very weird, I get shitty weirded out by it. So much so that I very very rarely get money back from people i've borrowed from.
So I thought it was quite silly, that explosion about a couple of hours back.

Because the last thing in the world that I'd ever want to be, even more than a hoe, is calculative.

When I'm annoyed or stressed out, I run or cut myself or do massive cleaning. Sometimes all of them.
So I scrubbed my toilet down twice over, scrubbed the toilet bowl and then the sink and I'm just about to go sweep the floor of my room and mop it up as well.

Because you know, when shit hits the fan, it usually gets quite messy.

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