Friday, May 8, 2009

green apples and ginger tea

this pic came up while heather was dozing off.
I think i've got the best friends in the world.
miss you<3

I've spent 3 days straight at the Fairmont spa!
Gosh it is incredibly nice, I swear. loveloveloooove.
Of course, too much of a good thing makes it bad sometimes.
And well, it started to feel just a wee bit like a chore.
(omg i know right! oh what a chore it is to have to go down to the spa again! ladeeda)

You just become less appreciative I think, and I got bored a bit easier.
Well, i'll be away from it my entire weekend and then come Monday I'll spend half the day there with mommy.

okay, just my right hand. HOW WEIRD.
So i met up with Lois today, after like foooorever.
And we took three pictures so that she'll remember my hair. hehe.
It was a decent audition and all. Saw a lad in his school uniform. Don't i remember those days now! hahaha

WELL. I'll be chucked into toilet cleaners' uniforms if I don't get going and complete my bloody speech.


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