Monday, November 22, 2010


Surely, surely, this post is deserving of words that sound just the tiniest bit more than a collection of emotional rubbish, right?

All the words, they've been the same.
Still sappy, sometimes teary. They dream up impossibilities, sort out inner turmoils, are more decisive than the writer herself.
And I write because it keeps me sane, it helps me think. Brings me to terms with things people cannot always tell me.

I like that I do.
That I have been for ages now.
And yes, years on, there is still that sappy shmuck inside who gets a tad bit sad at the stupidest things.

But most things just end up being funny, when you really think about it.
Most things don't matter as much as you think they do, are not half as big of an issue as you make it out to be.
Most things are pretty much the same, and our reactions don't vary that much more either.

So it's funny. It is.
Because God knows, we sure need less reasons to hate ourselves.

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