Thursday, April 28, 2011

April 28th 2011, Thursday

This is what I do sometimes:
I go through archives.
Blog archives.
Hers, mine, yours.
Of writers, and non-writers, friends and acquaintances.

I think it's interesting. I like seeing where people are and where people have been at a random point in their lives. I could draw it out, if I could draw.
It's fascinating, gawd.

For instance-
It's April 28th 2011, Thursday right now.
Today I had a meeting. Or two. It's to do with school.
I am in the midst of weighing things out, but sorta figuring which side I'm leaning to. Sorta.
The biggest thing for me today, is that it's my last day of teaching Drama In Curriculum to Secondary School Kids after (more or less) three and a half years. My last day (at least for a while) because, when the new semester starts, I'm not going to be doing DIC anymore.
Imagine that.
What has made up my life for quite a while now, what I've built my entire life and being around- it's stopping.

It's April 28th 2011, Thursday right now.
Someone's Uncle just died and today is the first day of the wake. It's held in Yishun.

It's April 28th 2011, Thursday right now.
Someone who helped out with the wake preparations just yesterday or the day before, went home to find out that his own Grandmother passed on.

It's April 28th 2011, Thursday right now.
It's the first Thursday back in the office for someone, after having been on course for the last three months or so. It's a relief, for the most part. No more ugly nurse shoes, and she gets to have her funky hair again. But it's a Thursday, and she's in the office.

It's April 28th 2011, Thursday right now.
It's someone's fourth day of school this year. Poly, to be precise. A Poly she worked and fought damn hard for. It's the fourth day of school and she's just found out that she doesn't have to stay til nine-thisisabsurd-pm and that she can actually join the family for dinner. She just needs to talk her older sister out of wanting a can of cream soup for dinner.

It's April 28th 2011, Thursday right now.
Thursdays mean two major programs, and Thursdays could honestly do with being less tiring. But she'll finish at seven (an hour after being due to get off work) and have dinner.

It's April 28th 2011, Thursday right now.
Someone's in Australia with his wife and two children. It's a busy time to have flown off, but the tickets were booked. It's the first time they're travelling with both kids.
He needs to write a cheque when he's back. Although he doesn't know that yet.

It's April 28th today.
There've been a lot of April 28ths and 29ths. Lots and lots and lots of days that we've missed out on, that we have had since, that we will have eventually.
So when I find myself in one of those archive-browsing moments, with my head tilted, imagining and actually,
missing something that's completely out of reach, I scramble to find myself here.

On April 28th 2011, Thursday. 6:19pm
Dinner with my family.
And I'll pop over to say hello later.

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