Monday, April 18, 2011

This is what makes life divine

As it always happens, when one is picking through debris, there are bits that tend to cut, things that haven't lost their sting just yet.
But I'd much rather us picking our way through the aftermath any day, rather than lay a pretty cloth over it and pretend the mess isn't there.

The weekend was divine.
We've been holding on pretty damn long (in my opinion), putting up with certain things, looking past others, choosing when to bite our tongues and when to be painfully honest.
I've looked forward to this weekend for quite a bit, to be honest.

Sooo, it started off with Vietnamese, which was really nice. And that followed with an entire weekend of being cozy, comfy and at home.
I always knew weekends were meant to be like that(:

And on mornings like Sunday, I wake, curl up smiling and think, "I'm the luckiest girl in all the world."

I went for Mass with Erika, and we went back home for her mommy's porridge. OMG, it was reeeeally nice! I really, really likey! We did major face-stuffing with the healthier-type junk food (green=healthy!) while watching Deception. It was an okay movie with a whole lot of sex which wasn't too cool. But food makes for a good distraction. Like, "omg, wow, is this seaweed REALLY shaped like an elephant?"
Lazed about a whole lot more, chatted, caught up and then upped the family-time with her grammy after.

Seeing/ visiting Erika's grampsies always really makes me miss my own. I guess I don't think about it very much because I've grown up without them for the most part. But then, having sort of entered this part of life where you find yourself staring at your grampsies and wondering if it's the last time you'll see them- it sorta really gets to you.
And we always push it back, delude ourselves into thinking we can buy more time. Sorta like with Uncle John. I never knew I wouldn't get to see him again. And it really stings, now, even though it's been a while.
So yeah, I know visiting Erika's grampsies/ grammy aren't a replacement for my own, but I quite like popping by all the same.

Weekends like the one that just passed make me quite smiley(:

You are the miracle that I've been dreaming of

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