Thursday, January 5, 2012

Of luncheons with company

It's almost the end of the first week of school. The first two days saw us eating in each other's company- the first day altogether, with our alumni and teachers and the faculty. The second day, the local students went off on their own and us International Students (me being the semi-in between) went off to Peace Centre Foodcourt.

I don't have a problem with lunch company at all. But I guess, a lot of times, I crave my alone-time, even when I'm working a school with just one other person.
So today, I brought my lunch, sat on a stone table under a palm tree with the sun hitting my shoulders and Grotowsky's Farewell Speech to his students in my lap.
And I was impossibly happy.

I was also very happy at lunch on the Monday that just passed. We had dimsum with Erika's friends, Sharon and Althea who are lovely company and an absolute riot to be with.

I just realized also that we don't have pictures with them so I guess, this will have to do:/

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