Sunday, August 9, 2009

The only thing worth getting your knickers in a twist for

I must've been like, six when I first saw him.
And even then, I thought he was the dishiest guy I'd ever seen.
No one, and I mean absolutely no one, has ever ever EVER come close.

Yeah there's George Clooney who looked better with age but this man is like...

Hello! How do you NOT get your knickers in a twist?

This picture came from an article entitled Mulroney vs Jackman.
I'm sorry, are we really having this conversation?
Honestly? Is the answer not plain obvious?

If it wasn't two minutes ago, it damn well ought to be NOW.
Single biggest celebrity crush, like, ever.
And only for more than a decade!
How wrong can this be! He's a year younger than my own parents! He was out of school and acting before I was even BORN.
And my word, even when he's doing the whole old and fuzzy look, he still looks adorable.

Everything you could ever dream a man up to be. I kid you not. He's like, freaking unreal.

And he's born in October. They always did say that all the beautiful people are born in October.

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