Thursday, August 6, 2009

First Things I said to some of my closest friends

and they probably didn't make much of an impression either

Bird: Can I borrow your stapler?

Vicky: OH! So YOU'RE Vicky. Nice to know.

Ner: OMG, I've heard a lot about you.

Ann na: Hello. What's your name? (we were eight and she reminded me of my mommy cos of her freckles. so I thought she was awfully cute)

Ruiyi: (she spoke to me first, cos she saw me standing by a tiny drain looking upset)
I dropped my chocolate inside, it's important that I have it, my mommy packed it for me!

Vic: mm, Hi I'm Charis. (at least I think so. cos I don't think I was in a particularly friendly phase)

Alastair: Can I have your email address? And I thought you were really good onstage by the way.

Zool: AHMAHGAD! HELLO RANDOM PERSON I'VE NEVER MET BEFORE (and this was BEFORE the drinks, by the way)

Buttons: Well aren't you a cute little darling! kinda dirty but oooooh. I will call you JACKIE!

Enqing: (actually, after the "Hi" bit, i didn't really say this directly to him.) I can't do this in front of you! (be a gross longhongban-singing aunty) I've known you five minutes! (I said this while in a superbly orange aunty top and doggy slippers.)

I can't remember the first things I said to Eme and Dory, but i know I started out not really liking them. Well, at least for Eme. I was alright with Dory until the whole rach-bird-D thing.
And now I miss D):

Anyway, randomness aside,
last night was awesomely fun. The Catholic High Boys were incredibly impressive, well behaved, professional. The script/ story was fantastic and dark as it was, these secondary school boys pulled it off without looking like they were from secondary school and staging a play.

Stayed out for drinks, our boss included (because she wasn't driving last night) and chatted, sang along with the live performance and waved imaginary lighters in the air to her singing.
All in all, a lovely night, considering I usually wouldn't stay out on a work night.

To top it all off, I woke up this morning at nine, when I've to leave at half past.
Fed baby and then crawled into mommy's bed and thought, I WANT TO SLEEP. With eight minutes left to get ready, I checked my phone and found out thaaaaaaaaaaaaaat,

Awesome to the max! Five day weekend, after a two and a one hour day week!

This week was my fat week. So I've been eating junk, smoking too much and drinking more.
It's been lovely(:

I want to get out of the countryyyyyyyy! I demand it!

A tad annoyed at myself. Have work to finish, but haven't gotten started.
I honestly should. Ugh.
Lord help. Can't wait for this Associate's Degree to be over. I am getting so ill-disciplined with subjects I don't like):

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