Saturday, August 15, 2009

A taste of home (number two)

So, Tommy's in Singapore, and he's brought a breeze of LA with him.
Today was spent eating good food and hanging out like, a lot.

I got to see the latest pictures of my two adorable little nephews. Such absolute darlings, swear to God. Also got to catch up lots, learn a bit more about him being in the Navy and realize that, well, he's really changed so much since becoming a daddy.
It's amazing, it really really is. And it's just so beautiful too!

Anyway, he says I should still pick up driving here so that my insurance will be tonnes cheaper when I go over there. (cos i can say i've been driving for a while)
So Vic, you're still gonna have a driving classmate! yayyy

My eyes are drying up now, so i ought to go to bed. Plus, my two babies are already in bed together, just waiting for mommy(:

My word, how can you possibly not love that?
Those are my babies man. My adorable, knock-over-a-bottle-of-whiskey, darling little babies.

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