Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hello World

So right now I am ripping open my last packet of Salon Pas to slap it on my stiff shoulders and neck.

wait ah, wave of nostalgia coming.

okay, fine now.

See, I bought a stack of three packets of SalonPas (each with ten pieces inside) when we were in the middle of rehearsals.
Yes, our crazy intensive lovely utterly absorbing insane addictive rehearsals. And well, all that build up and intensity was for this. All of this.
Bump in on Monday, shows on Tuesday and Wednesday.
It is Wednesday today.
Our last show at Singapore Repertory Theatre.

We do have one more show at Dunman High next week, but then, that's just one show.

This, what we've just finished, was the big thing we were leading up to. And now it's kind of more or less over.
So I slap these medicated plasters on with a tinge of sadness. My hands got all cut up from crawling around and grabbing splintered poles, my legs are the canvas of an over-enthusiastic, random, unplanned (and possibly quite mad) painter; With splotches of green and blue and purple and red.
And I think, God, I am going to miss this so so much.

But that's the thing about theatre isn't it? It takes days and months to build something up, if I may quite Rachel, and then in moments it's kind of, all over the place.
The stage is empty, a staff actually tells you that you're not allowed on the stage (WTF?!) because you're in sandals, you watch your set get undrilled and packed off into the open mouth of an old lorry.

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to go all sad and watery-eyed on you.

We had an awesome show today. We really did.
Trial of Bella T was the best we'd ever done and Lord of the Flies, well, I personally found it scarier.

That's not all that happened today though.

I also gave myself a cheat-day, which was right after the last show and which made me a very happy bunny. I've been off alcohol for ohh, a while (like two weeks). So we hit the bottle at five ish. Not bad I say.

And then, two weeks early, while I was in theatre running, screaming, jumping, chanting, killing, breathing, living, being,
I became an older sister for the third time.


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