Wednesday, December 30, 2009

decisions, decisions

I've made two already.

The first is that if moving back home (to UK) means being without my black furball for three-four years, then I won't do it. I can't.
With age and the moving (twice only as opposed to three times), it's not a problem. But I doubt Aunty Esther would be keen on a teenage black ball of fur with long nails.
Don't tell me I'm stupid for making a decision like that, it's just a factor. A large factor, but a factor nonetheless.

The second decisions is a deal that I've made with myself.
And that is that I will lose 5-10kg (or something in between) before getting my second tattoo which will lead to my third.
ps, the terms "first,second and third tattoo" apply to "after 2009".
The third, by the way, is going to be incredibly beautiful.
Imagine something like this:
just smaller and a different word altogether. It's a phrase really.
So I'm excited.
The second is something I'm doing that represents a bunch of my closest friends. I love much.

So anyway, as you can see from the location, it is important that I lose weight!
I've also done research so being getting pregnant will not affect this tattoo all that much. Unless I have like freaking sixtuplets (please, I don't want!)

ta dah.

happy bunny, happy bunny.
I'm also going to write up my new year's resolutions soon. :D

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