Sunday, December 27, 2009

paws over eyes and the prettiest sighs


So honestly, right now I feel really tired. It's just generally been so tiring that it is tiring.
the year's opening up and it's like standing in line outside the doors of Victoria Secret at 6am on Black Friday;
You can't actually see into the shop yet, or see the things you'll be rushing for, but you know when the doors open you've got to CHARGE LIKE HELL.
Oh when will this madness cease!

These are things lined up for me in 2010:
- Finishing of associate's degree. yes i've procrastinated THAT LONG.
It's terrible, and i want to shoot myself. i really do
- work and saving up
- Music EP recorded and released before june
- packing for my move, spending as much time with fishbone as i can
- applications to schools
- complete travel to thailand/australia/hole in the surface of the moon by june
- have sorted out buttons' paperwork
- gotten theeee special tattoos
- one mini-musical
- couple of short films
- theatre productions
- Muay thai fights (lets hope i dont break my nose)

I'm literally falling asleep as i type this, it's crazy.
But I just realized that work is on tuesday and not tomorrow so i'm not fretting as much. besides, it's cat high and i really like cat high(:

I think i'll start with a morning swim and a load of laundry tomorrow.
But right now, incredibly tired.

The festive season has gotten me terribly anti-social, and honestly, all i want to do right now is lounge around with a smoke and some port in my dimly-litted room with nice music and an adooorable meow meow.

excited about living with buttons, having carpeted floors when it's cold outside and making coffee in the mornings and thinking about my day ahead.

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