Saturday, July 10, 2010

Disappearances and the joy it brings-

So I got back from Phuket with me blueberry face and cut up leg.
It was a gorgeous gorgeous getaway; Quaint, quiet, homely.
I suppose I could've done without crashing our scooter into a truck, and spending the next 14 hours secretly wondering if I'd wake up if I fall asleep and then hobbling about the rest of the trip looking sorry for myself while Erika got odd looks from non-locals. (It's the bruised eye man)
I'll talk about Phuket in an entirely seperate post. promise.

It's my first week back at work, and everytime I get back to work and such, I realize over and over again just how insanely in love I am with it.
Swear to God, I can't stop!
I've gotten my script and I've picked out the kids for SYF. I'm just brimming with excitement about embarking on the entire SYF journey with this bunch. There's just so much, SO MUCH that they can do, that I feel I might be able to do with them.
It's brilliant, and God, I am SO SO happy.
My Thursdays and Fridays look obscenely busy, and I suppose I could do with less running around but hey,
we can't always have it our way!

I've never understood people's grouse about being in the office though.
Honest to God, if I had the morning/afternoon off from a school, I wouldn't half mind going back to the office. I'm actually honestly a tiny bit peeved that I will have to wait til Wednesday to get in. Because Kirsten's running on her own brain juice and I could do with a charger.
Plus, considering what I've been doing on the go, it'd be nice to be able to sit down and my desk to do it. And not have to constantly look up to see which train station I'm at and whether or not I'm making good time and then promptly losing my place on the script.

The last few days were quite lovely, I found.
In the most impossibly simple way.
I've never felt such contentment and comfortablity and cosiness. Never.
And at times when I felt a fraction of it, I've always felt like such a sodding sap because of it. I guess it was nice, knowing someone else kinda liked the simplicity of little things like that too.
I wouldn't have swapped out any of the littlest things, not for the world.
It was everything, really-
Having our own space, and doing our own things,, together and really not being joined at the hip
and the entire time,
just having a sort of ease to it all.

I could get used to it.
Although sometimes I think, thinking that makes me do a double take (I wouldn't actually say it scares me. just makes me sit up and look at myself oddly).
Because I don't do that- Get used to things like this.

Next week looks infinitely busier than the one that's just passed.
I'm itching to pick up my script and do my work.
But in the meantime, all that's left of the girls are waiting to go for ice-cream at Kovan.
(Yes V, this is what I'm doing while you're bbming me.)

This Saturday afternoon was brimming with contentment and lazy cat-stretches.
I like.

it's the littlest things;
Laundry, while I do work on the couch. Or making bubble & squeak while you wash the morning's work off you.

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