Saturday, July 31, 2010

please floor, don't give out from under me

I've had quite a lovely saturday morning so far.
Breakfast-ed with mommy before surprising her by popping by the polo club.
Mommy, she's the most adorable thing really(:

So I sat around, did a bit of mindmapping for the script that I'm working on,
And then had lunch with Erika before finding myself at the random bus stop at potong pasir, waiting to bring The Little Creature to the SAJC open house.

It's nice, having family time last night and then mommy-time and littlecreature-time,
And each in its own space.
I'm heading back to the office later on to finish work that absolutely must be finished.
I don't mind it really. It's the sort of rather unthinking type of task that leaves me feeling quite calm and productive.
-- --

SO. I popped by the flea market with the little creature, just to hang out for a bit with dd and v (and later tania and vic)
I hate how D's stays always feel so incredibly short all the time.
I always feel like I need just a couple more days with her around and I'll be alright except.
I'm quite ashamed to say, I hardly spend as much time with her as I'd like.

Sister-time with the little creature this afternoon was lovely.
I likey.

And I liked dinner and the simplicity of it. Haven't had that for a while and,
Truth be told, I've missed it a whole lot.

Change, sometimes it creeps up on you and your barely notice it. But I don't think we're meant to fight it and hold on to things- try desperately to keep it the way it is.
Because if we do that, we might end up missing out on how much better it could've been.
And I really like the place I'm in now.

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virulenza said...

I went to the flea market! I was there about 2.30 to 4pm!