Friday, May 9, 2008

reinforcing my point

While i was in the middle of writing letters to people who might not reply, The Little Creature had left the telly on with a Nickelodeon show.

It was one of the more annoying shows on that channel to be honest, but i seem to manage to catch glimpses of it as TLC grabs minutes of it here and there.
The entire series is based on a "modern" family.
By "modern" -in "modern-day" terms- this means having the joining of two families through a remarriage. ie; a single mom with two/ three girls gets married to a single dad with two/ three boys.

Most of the series pretty much centers around the kids' high school life;
Boyfriends, or the lack thereof and girlfriends plus double/triple crossing. Stuff like that.
Today's was quite different though.

In today's episode, the father (the ex husband of the single but now remarried mom) of the girls in the family came by. So the oldest daughter was racing around trying to get everything absolutely perfect.
But as it always happens, she pretty much fell flat on her face and was in tears as her dad breezed out the door after a rather ruined dinner.

However, because it's a Nickelodeon show and because "Must Have Happy Endings" is a requirement for all shows, the father comes back -missing his flight on purpose- to say sorry and say how much the evening meant to him and la dee da.

Then the oldest bursts into tears saying how much she wanted it to be perfect and yes, he was wrong for breezing out like that because they never get to see him and oh, she's so sorry that she's crying all over his gorgeous Georgio Armani. (Okay that last bit was an add-on)

This finally brings me to my point-

Tears would've been saved, along with harsh words, bits of human finger that the little one accidentally grated into the cheese and of course, heartache if
hmmm, let's see

If you're asking me, well yes, of course I fucking disapprove of this stupid show.
Not just because the girl is ugly and a bitch and because the storylines aren't JollyShandy-worthy, but because to start off with, the entire series is based on two broken families being haphazardly pasted together and trying to work as an entire entity.

I honestly don't mind mommy remarrying and I think it'd be cool to have step-siblings, beside the half sibling i already have. (After all, The Little Creature is irreplaceable)
I also think it'd be nice for mommy to have someone to grow old with. (Not that that's happening anytime soon. Growing old that is) Personally, i'd like someone to grow old with, so why should my mommy be deprived of that?
See, all this is fine.

But you make that into a TV series, on a kids channel and what good does that do?
Plus, (I don't know if this was the one who said it) but these type of families are labelled as the "modern" ones. Why so? Because divorces are coming through before the ink on a marriage cert is fucking dry, that's why!
And this cycle, the continuity of this trend is further perpetuated by baseless, slap-stick-humour-type shows like THESE!

I've got better things to do right now.
But bottom-line,
If you want to sleep around, fine.
If you want to eat shit, fine.
just STOP having kids and making them pay for a world they never asked to come into.

By the way,
i had a fantastic day, i'm not angry.
This was just sparked off by that time-wasting show.

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