Wednesday, May 14, 2008


In less than an hour, Victor will be picking me up so that we can head down to church, pick up necessary shit and then go down to the airport.
This allows us (or me, in particular), ample time to happily wander around one of my favourite places in Singapore- Changi Airport.

And yes, this time, I'll actually be flying.

It's not that I don't fly a lot (though definitely not as much as Wendy Cheng or my grandmother or as I myself would've if I decided to do that host-position for Travel Asia),
it's just that being at the airport a lot reminds you even more of how you're stuck in a tiny country that isn't even your own.

Getting out once in a while is fantastic.

And Gasp!
This is the first time I'm actually travelling out of the country alone. Yes, The Little Creature actually beat me to it.

TLC came into my room to give me a goodbye hug before she went off to school.
Last night, mommy asked me to record my Goodnights on her phone so that she can play it back every night for the next eight nights.
Quite funny, actually.
And terribly cute((:

Woke up early and made breakfast for mommy and I.
Was planning on going for a jog with Homer but it's raining so, clearly, that would prove quite tough.

Been running around doing last minute tidying ups and other similar bullshit.
I'm more or less done now though.

My bed looks gorgeous and clean, like I've died and my bed will remain in this sacred position forever. hahaha.
That was a joke, but if you could see my bed, you'd think so too.

My temperature's gone, I've warmed up my tea.
Now all i have to do is drink it, bathe, chuck last minute rubbish into my bag which should include a book! (Actually I'd like to buy one in the airport)

Say goodbye, spray my room with disinfectant.
aaaand that should be all.

Then I'll have a couple of hours to wander around the airport!

Enqing's down with a high temperature.
Well he was last night at least.

Please get better soon hon.
I hope you'll be fine when you finally board the plane. Will be praying for journey mercies.
And above all, do have a fantastic time over there, with lots of shopping and hang out time with Rae and family plus dog!

To mommy and The Little Creature:
love you guys oodles and oodles and oodles.

What the hell, it sounds like i'm going away for like months or something.
How pathetic.

Toodles world!

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