Saturday, May 24, 2008

right below your fingertips

that's one of the things i learnt on the trip.

and yes, it feels bad.
Funny, the agony stems more from the fact that one actually doesn't understand at all.
if you understood from the word go, that'd be different.
It'd almost be easier actually.

what an artist:D:D

there's a jumble of complete nothingness,
strings of something minutely coherent,
images of faceless faces and blurry places.

i'm not about to be the one to jump in first.
No siree.

I'm quite bloody content to sit here, behind a screen, typing spews and spews of confusion and promising to do shit about it.

oh come on,
you know why already.

It's because I don't believe.

I've asked.
I've asked Peter, in letters that I've burnt. Told him how he ought to believe as much as I do.
But I'm figuring it out now.

I don't believe.

Reality chips away at you, you see.

You're right below my fingertips.
But right below my fingertips, there's nothing really.

I'll have a Love on the Rocks please,

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