Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I find myself asking, what it is I want.
Most of the time I have the answer for that question.
But the thing is, even though I've got the answer, I'm still getting frustrated with where I am.

There's so much that I feel like doing.

You must be thinking I'm a complete brat right now.
After all, what more could any seventeen year old ask for?
This year and the next are my Travel Years, I'm working, and doing something i actually love and plan to do for the rest of my life, and i'm still studying so i'm not completely useless.
I've got all this wonderfully flexible time and space.

So then, why do I feel like I might actually need to slow down?
Whoever heard of breathing! Isn't that like, SO ten years ago?

I guess occasionally, I do actually worry that I'll get tired/lose my passion.
Doesn't seem particularly likely but well.
I absolutely love my life right now, I guess I just need to find more time for myself and my studies. Getting into Irvine is really important to me right now.

and not dying, I suppose.

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E said...

hahah sorry la, it didnt occur to us that you were home. my fault that i didnt call up to check :(