Sunday, July 27, 2008

best friends & virgin tattoos

I loooooooooove!
It's absolutely gorgeous, I swear I swear.

I guess it's the font that I'm crazy about, making the E, Z and B look absolutely beautiful.

So, quite unexpectedly, Friday afternoon was a nice little reunion where we met Ann's pretty friend who, GASP, was also born in Kent and is now studying in Tonbridge Grammar.
I think it's the same as Ashley, but I've no idea.

So yes, because Friday was the
"it's like giving birth, everyone can come see" -virgin tattoo day,
we all hung out for a bit before heading home.

Whereafter, I went home just to come back to town again and meet Christiane for dinner and drinks.

Friday evening was eventful, especially so because I was so sober it was rather sad.

You'll read the gist of it on Vicky's blog (omgomg, i should just drop down dead now)

Here's a new one for you tonight though! -

We're in the car, and Deming (friend from church) is sending us home.
So we're like, driving through Geylang, staring at the immense amount of people when the car pulls up at a light.

Mommy: Wow, still bustling eh?
Deming: Yeah lah, it's Geylang what.
Me: You would know wouldn't you? Right Right!
Deming: Of course what, always meet you heeeereeee...... whooops!

Deming: Oh No! Now I've let slip!
Me: You'd better believe I'm not meeting up with you anymore!



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