Thursday, July 24, 2008

away away

Today I rolled around, desperately wanting more sleep and yet, quite unable to doze off properly due to the immense amount of rubbish running through my head.
It went a little bit like,
omgomgomgomg, what to wear. i don't know. must get up. no, i don't want to. no, please, not today. isn't it alastair's birthday? alastair is in Penang. Lunch lunch lunch with Vic. shit, what were the last minute things I had to put into my bag? must remember to settle on speech topics. oh no, it's my second last lesson. what am i doing with my morning class. this bed is so comfy. so fucking comfy.

by the time i hit that last bit, i forced myself to sit up and stayed there, for like about ten minutes, stoning and breezing in and out of sleep.

Life's been so like that, that there isn't really much to say these days.
A bit sad.

One thing's for sure,
After this month, I'm quitting and cutting back on all the teaching except for drama.
And yep, I'll only be working for Inward Bound.
Can't really be bothered doing anything else and well,
I'm tired and need my time and space.
I've so much work to do, assignments to complete and yet I'm not doing them.

Discipline my ass.

Anyway, the public speaking's coming along nicely.
The kids (I hate using that word really) are super super bright.
And they're smart and funny and they try really hard. (Save for one or two)
It's a shame, the few that quit. But oh wells.

I've given them the list of super interesting topics and can't wait to hear them on Tuesday:D:D

there're tattoos to get filled in, rubbish to be eaten and little girls to be taught.

Goodnight darlings!

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