Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy days in a fluffy place

Okay, no, Plaza wasn't really fluffy.
But I was/am/will continue to be terriblyyyyyyyy happy!
I went for some much needed, long overdue retail therapy. And I'm so so happy right now!
Even though mommy and I had to reschedule our strawberries and cream massage, we still got to hang out. Had lunch with baby vee who happened to be there getting her hair chopped off.
And I bought TWO pairs of shoes, couple of knickers (okay, it's on my twitter. shutting up)

I'm super duper uber happy!
Now my brand new dress has matching knickers AND shoes!

And I lost two and a half kg! So I'm off to reward myself with chocolate from SYNS.
Wonderfully synful they are:D

Okay, now for the work part. hmmm

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