Sunday, July 26, 2009

ketchup and catch-ups

So I had a daddy-daughter date last night.
Took him to Giraffe where Bec & Ross were singing (and will be for just one more week!)
Then he took me to a karoke bar.
I sang like, three songs, including my famooose aunty song! Shanghai Tan.
Even though i keep mixing up some of the words and pretty much sound like an ang moh trying to speak cantonese, daddy was impressed:D

I even translated some of the Chinky songs that other people were singing(:
He's very proud of his (wannabe) bilingual daughter!

Last night and today had me parading around in the two pairs of additions to my family(:
I'm eye-level with becs in my Aldo's! AWESOMENESS (she really is a lot taller than me)
Five inches taller, clearly.

My shoulders feel a wee bit burnt. hmm.

Today was supposed to be really lovely. I got all decked out, complete with new knickers (they've got little black cherries on them!) but then, thanks to my sleepless night, I ended up feeling grumpy as hell post-lunch.
Ethan made me smile tonnes though, he is SO SO SOOOO adorable! Spitting image of his daddy!
Anyhoos, post-lunch the heat was getting to me, and I felt kind of like, itchy in my own skin.
Was fine after a glass of port and a smoke though. Oh that two week break was so incredibly worth it.
Mommy was such a darling, and incredibly understanding. So I was left with a very nice and comfy nap time:D

Last night on the other hand, GOD SO HORRIBLE!
I went to bed at like half past one, and baby Buttons, with her little sunflower head, curled up with me. i was incredibly tired, so I'd doze off, except I'd jerk awake. And I kept feeling this odd urge to spaz, except I couldn't.
It's like, when you really need to burp except you can't.
This was a first. What the fuck right? I felt the urge to spaz. And obviously if you make yourself spaz, then it's not called spazzing. So i'd doze off (into quite a deep ten/fifteen minute sleep) and then wake up because I needed to spaz. My body was SO SO awake, swear to God.

I think it's because of the coffee.
You know how I am completely and utterly unaffected by coffee, right? Runs in the family.
Except I went off coffee for two weeks and then had coffee for dinner and shared a latte at like, half past ten. So I think my body decided to be a bitch and go spaz about without spazzing.
ugh. Worst experience in my life.
Plus, I had to keep moving about carefully so as to not wake baby.
And later on, at like half past four, she realized I'd moved away from her, so she padded across the grand total of like ten centimetres to curl up in the crook of my knee. Complete with her sunflower head.
Adorable to the max. ack.

I feel like getting a new tattoo. dumdumdummmm

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