Sunday, July 5, 2009

New hair!

No you twat, I'm not naked. The spag strap is very long.


Me? wanting a curls? PAH.
But then I admit, I did (and do) think it was kinda cute with bangs. So this is me, giving it a go.

I, who waited years (really, I did) just to buy my own ceramic hair straightener.
I who at one point, wanted straight hair soooo badly that i wanted to go for rebonding.
I who are baboon and ish ahmahgadxzxzzxz super lazy to look after my freaking hair.

Anyhoos, The Little Creature, who suggested it to begin with, approves!
yay me.
I do like it very much. But I can't wait for it to grow out abit and be a bit bigger with softer curls. (lets just hope that's what happens)

What I love about curls, is that you just have to pull it up and secure it with a clip to look like you "did something" with your hair. yayyyy.

SO, now that my hair's all nicely done, what am I going to do?
Bring my baby to the vet for her snipsnip):

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