Tuesday, March 2, 2010

right beneath the security blanket

and we always know what we should and shouldn't do.

Greet your elders,
Don't talk to strangers,
Sit up straight,
Take everything he tells you with a handful of salt.

We live and learn, we do.
But every time that it does hurt, it doesn't hurt any less.
Being prepared doesn't mean you've got a safety net, being prepared means you thought there was a safety net when really, there wasn't.

As we've grown older, made the choices and pushed limits, we've formulated rules for ourselves.
Rules and reasons.
Rules that you should know by now that ought not to be broken, and reasons that have always stood a chance of being looked at and reviewed.

Hindsight, they say, is always twenty-twenty.
But it doesn't always make our line of vision clearer for the next few roads we have to look at.

Look before crossing the road,
make sure you've got your keys before leaving the house,
pray before you eat,
call mommy if you're coming home late,
keep your heart safe.

Just because you know exactly what you should do, doesn't mean that you will.
And when the treasure you've pulled up starts to disintegrate in your hands, you might say,
"Well I kinda knew that would happen," but it doesn't make you miss what you had.
And it doesn't stop you from wishing
that you had just a little bit more time to hold on to it.

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