Monday, March 8, 2010


inked by Kash

Becs called to say that today's class was off. In other words, I "caught up on sleep" (aka curled into a lazy bum in the shape of a ball) for an extra couple of hours when I ought to have been doing something useful. At the same time, extra rest is always good(:

It's going to be a fantastic week, I can feel it.
And boy, am I looking forward to it.((:

Last week was, in a nutshell, messy.
In ways that are never good for the soul or the brain. It was also surprising, in terms of extra work that turned out quite nice.

So now there's a week or so before I start on another shoot (for which I'm very excited for!), a few days til I pop out of the country and back in, a week nearly two to performing at the Prince of Wales again, and a couple of hours to meeting up with the hamster-haired girl.

The children are doing fine, have mostly been in the company of grandma and Aunt Creature. But Aunt Creature always lets them cuddle in the middle of the day while she zones out. So they're definitely not complaining.

This week feels like it'll pass by really fast, and it probably will. So I really ought to do something about the kip that my room's become.
On a brighter note though, I cleaned up the bathroom mirror and rearranged the bottles and shit. I've also been randomly, sporadically scrubbing the bathroom sink. Which are all early sign of an oncoming mini-explosion that will lead to be spending two days straight running around, cleaning, scrubbing, taking breaks by staring out the window, breathing and finishing a glass of wine, before jumping back into the tidying and shoving and desperate need to get it al sorted out.

I like to think that your room is a reflection of where you are at that time in your life.
So for the most part, it's been clean, neat, organized. Besides not being regularly swept, it was otherwise, very comfy and easy to get around.
Enter transition period. But I got my answers, and my room, was still very clean.
Enter post-transition period where I was sick as a dog, still working, and sick as a dog. The room got rearranged, but then the mess, it grew, and accumulated. Like how the being ill has just kept coming back, while I've gotten busier and oh, busier.
Ta dah!

But well, I'm getting sorted out nicely now, so it doesn't make sense, the mess around me. Must continue with the packing, for sure. The flea market sale, the clothes that I need to chuck or won't use until getting over there.
The clearing out of rubbish that doesn't mean one sodding thing (in both the literal and metaphorical sense).

So yes, I've done the morning workout, I'm just off to live the rest of my day now.

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