Monday, March 22, 2010

colours that aren't colours.

2am and I'm still awake writing a song,
if I get it all down on paper
it's no longer inside of me,
threatening this life it belongs to.
and I feel like I'm naked in front of this crowd
cos this words are my diary,
screaming out loud
and I know that you'll use them,
however you want to.

We say we don't want to, but we end up doing it anyway,
the thinking. It's not altogether bad though, I suppose.

Today, I spent studying;
Western Civilization, the faces of angry-but-trying-to-look-pretty-brides-to-be,
my fingers, Western Civilization, fingertips in general, the texture of wooden benches, the sound of a smile that bubbles and well,
western civilization.

Something about the High Middle Ages, aristocratic men and women and the bull they believed in. Aside from picking apart and scoffing at their gender roles, the chapter (or the first few pages of it) was boring as hell.
And that's saying something because I love Western Civilization, I'll have you know.

It was a lovely day. It always is.
We have luck with the days we pick then.

I'm starting to sound too spacey these days.
I rollerbladed today. By myself. I've always loved doing that, even now.
I went all the way up to mommy's office and then back down and then up and then, since the jogging trail had marked distances, it would appear that I have travelled a total of at least 6 clicks. good on me eh?

The slopes, smooth roads, running on nothing and feeling like, you're flying on absolutely everything.
It's a very special thing, blading, it is.
The spinning, the corner turning, the OMGTHEREISACARBEHINDME-oh we're good now- thing.
Roller blading makes me quite happy, amongst other things.
Some of which I'm only just finding out about now, come to think of it.

I fell though, a wee bit harder than usual.
It took Bird's scar right off!): Oh what will I do now!
Moving this bloody arm sends fire right through it everytime. I will sit and point at children tomorrow.

The week, it looks like it'll be nice.
The weeks have been nice, and I was quite unprepared for them. The niceness of it all.
Oh life, it surprises you.

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