Friday, March 5, 2010

more than anything


I've been the her in this, I've been the you. But I've never been the me, and I suppose, it's my turn now. I shouldn't be whinging about this, I suppose. After all, it is something I am fully aware of, not to mention something that doesn not concern me in the least.
But I guess I just never figured that the slightest change in factors, might make the situation entirely different.

"Listen to the voice in your head," I tell people, and I'm supposed to be one who practices what I preach.
There isn't fear, or anything that remotely resembles sadness or anger.
But there is an inkling, an idea, that I can only smile at. Smile at in my "I know," kind of smile. Which is hardly as sad as it might sound here.

This, this is too deja vu, too messy with a truckload of emotional baggage thrown in for free.
It hasn't been very long, and already, I'm wondering,
"when's that going to be then eh?"

But the best lies we tell, are always to ourselves.

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