Friday, May 7, 2010

My rather brilliant day

So there was breakfast with fantastic company,
a half hour or so where i wrote stuff down in my schedule book.
More for remembrance-sake it seems, these days.
my pointless schedule book. ):

I digress!
So, breakfast was lovely, although not everyone else's day got off to a good start:/
But then, breakfast being breakfast, and chocolate croissants being chocolate croissants,
there's always a reason to smile, if only just a bit, no?

and then, after feeling bloody sluggish around town with Vicky, and introducing her to the world's best Cinnamon bread, and dropping her off to the screening of her short film,
I waddled off to meet Bird.


And then I wandered about Jason's (I realized the one thing I can never rush is grocery shopping. okay, i don't know if that's entirely true but uhm, for the most part at least).
And I picked up all the stuff I'd need for dinner aaaaaaaaaaaaand
for tomorrow's breakfast.


I made dinner this evening for the family. I got most things down just right, and I think they quite enjoyed it. So I am happy.
You can call me The Girl In The Kitchen!
My name will be up in lights, there will be posters of me! Even though I can't cook to save my life. hahaha.

So the family's all stuffed to the brim, settled for the night and waiting for the morn.
And so am I!

I must say, I quite like the odd Friday mornings here and there indeed(:

We will attempt pancakes, and I will chuck random things in and hope they taste nice. hehehehe.
I'm quite looking forward to breakfast actually, for some reason. (:
I haven't made pancakes in a while I guess, and I've never made them with anybody. The closest that's come is someone watching me make them.
I hope to God that we don't blow up the place! eeeeeek.
But yes, attempts at pancakes and berry-sauce-things while bossanova brings our morning around. How does that not sound like a morning to look forward to?

I will put myself to bed now, and wait for the time warp.


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