Wednesday, May 12, 2010

There are first times for everything, no?

Monday evening, I showered and jumped into something super comfy and then went for a walk in the park.
It had been quite a lovely Monday, come to think of it. I had a delish breakfast in the morning, and the conversation, although it veered to generally untalked-about-topics, was good. And I mean, we can't keep leaving the future-us to deal with stuff all the time now can we?

The afternoon had me rested up while a friend of mine got daddy-time and her iphone! She was mighty pleased, and I always like when my friends are happy. It makes me smile(:
Speaking of which, Vee's finally going to get herself a new cellphone. She has a habit of using her phones until they are literally held together by a dying wire. And I mean LITERALLY.

I had dins in town with the family, and we were all geared up to get our new cellphones when my insides decided to go all weirdo on me. I kinda half thought it'd be something that would pass, except it didn't. It escalated and was just unimaginably unbearable. I've repeated this quite a bit this week (omg it's wednesday already?!), so I won't go on to be super descriptive about the rollar coaster ride my intestines were on.

Long story short,
I ended up in the A&E Monday night, waiting absolute ages to see the doctor. Then I got chucked into the observation ward twice over, spending the night and then got chucked into the EDTU Ward. I still have no idea what that stands for, but I basically had to be kept there for 23 hours, in case it was appendicitis.
I met a couple of doctors who were quite lovely, and some less-than-interested nurses and some who just could hardly hold a proper conversation with either of my parents.

Honestly, I've always secretly wanted to be in hospital.
I figure, it's never looked all that bad, and then you get visitors, sleep, a cool bed, meals served to you and full rights to stay in bed all day reading.
Then I thought, Oh My Word, twenty-three hours? Whaaaaa...t?
And I thought i'd be restless as hell and fidgety and all that, but I wasn't.

The entire stay wasn't half bad, really.
The food was decent, I liked sleeping, the bed was kinda cool and my visitors were all just absolute darlings and constantly feeding my face!
Erika came by with Jafa Vienese(i think?) and my, weren't they yummy! And then Vicky and Victor brought this case of baby macarons and I was just absolutely in looooooove, And then I just kept stealing Vee's cornflaky chocolate thingum which was almost as nice as she was. Then daddy came by a second time, after his meeting with chocolate/cheese/tuna-filled chubcakes from that jollybean shop. And I've always loved chocolate chubcakes.
And then this morning mommy brought Reese's and Daddy came by with more chubcakes and
The healthiest visitors I've had were Uncle LyeHeng and Aunty Susan who came by and filled me up with prayers instead. And very filled I was indeed!


So aside from that ever-present pain I was having that never quite went away, lots of needles and an earful of coughing fits from the asthmatic lady in the cubicle across from mine, my stay was pretty decent.
It wasn't the regular ward, with rows and rows of beds and people an arm's length away from you. Naw, it was smaller, better-spaced out ward and I always had my curtains drawn.
I wrote some, and I was on Facebook a bit, but I didn't read at all.
Unless you count a few pages of the Sherlock Holmes that Erika came by with. Except we sort of gave up on that by the fourth page I think.

Not half bad, me thinks, for a first time hospital-stay.
But I suppose if I'd have had to stay ages longer, I might've gotten fidgety. I wasn't allowed to leave the ward at all you see, so my only movement was climbing out of bed, shuffling ten steps to the gross-smelling loo and then shuffling back and climbing into bed again.

All is good now, well, more or less. It's not appendicitis as you can see, and no we don't know what it is or what caused that unbearable pain on Monday night, but I figure it'll right itself and if it doesn't then I'll eventually see myself having another visit where we will finally figure out what's up.
Thank you for the prayers, and the well wishes, and the texts and phonecalls.
I'm better, just super dopey is all.

Bird called the moment she knew, Tuesday morning- and it made me smile, her calling from so far away. And I was thinking,
"My, what drama! She leaves and then I end up in the A&E, what's up with thaaaaaat!"
So I filled her in on details, and by then I was capable of walking about slowly without anyone's help. It was nice, talking to her. I just thought it was a shame that the first phonecall with her started off about being in the hospital. haha.
She says it's cold, even though she's indoors. But I'd rather be cold and bundled up than warm and stuffy and trying desperately to take off more clothes and not feeling any better.(:
She sounds comfy and happy, and for that I am happy too. Very much so in fact!
And it's nice knowing that I'm always being looked out for(:

I think the oddest part about being home right now is how I didn't expect to be away from it for so long. I still have an unwashed plate on my table, for crying out loud. And that's really saying something because in the very least, I'd have put my dirty dishes in the sink before leaving home, unless I expected to be back within the next two, three hours.
So yes.
I am home, and very dopey and I would like to crawl into bed now.

Erika's flown off already, and I do hope she has the loveliest time while she's in Hong Kong.
I hope she doesn't get lost and that she'll have fun with Urs, even when they do get lost!
I don't think people'll be very keen on jumping out at them considering they'll be carrying around "odd shaped items" in the form of whips.

Vicky and Victor will be off to Aussie to visit Dory this Friday. Well, Thursday more like. It's a conspiracy, this is, to leave me here to mope! RAWR.
So I'll spend most of the night with them on Thursday before they amble off for fucktastic weather.

I'm pretty stoked about going off myself. I haven't been to HK in the summer, so this will be a first for me.
And I am absolutely dying to meet up with Peggy and if possible, Ken and my Godma and all. I never know when I'll next see them, so meeting up with them when I can is pretty something. And I'm looking forward to that.
There's the food too, my word, the food! It's madness.

It'll be a fantastic trip, and if I do all the things I need to do before leaving, then it'll be a very well-earned trip. Which will make the trip itself much better.
So I have things to do now,
and we'll start by sleeping off this dopey-ness first shall we?

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