Thursday, June 17, 2010

as freedom is a breakfast food

Or truth can live with right and wrong

Yesterday saw me ambling out of bed in the early morning, making breakfast for mommy on top of the wraps and sarnies I was putting together for breakfast on a pretty rooftop.
I paused momentarily, mid-wrap, to stare at the torrent of rain right outside my window. I was trying to decide if the rain was foiling my plans,and I decided, although it'd be a touch easier to not walk around a rooftop garden with a brolly, there'd be a quaint sort of prettiness to it and so, nope,
The rain wasn't foiling my plans. So I skipped out of the house, the warm food kept warm and the cold food kept cold, preeeetty much on time.
And then,
Everything from then til about noon just absolutely fell to pieces.
Generally, unless I'm late for work, I don't get impossibly het up. But when I am grotesquely late like this, when I would otherwise have arrived at a nice time, I border on hysteria and frustration and am quite likely to give in to tears.

Anyhoos, the pixar exhibition was fantabulous! It was soooo impossibly lovely that I'm hoping to go back again to fully absorb it all(:
afterwhich, I had dinner at Erika's.
I must say, Aunty Vivien is one fantastically brilliant cook! The food was amazingly delish, I kid you not!
One of those where you can lean back in your chair after dinner and rub your belly and sigh contentedly.
Which of course, I did not do, lest I get mistaken for a random hobo Erika picked off the street to bring back for dins. Hahaha

It was a lovely wednesday indeed, and by the time ten past noon rolled around, I'd almost forgotten the morning.
And everything else just fell into place(:

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