Tuesday, June 15, 2010

sappy stuff and the like

That you and me,
Found something pretty neat.
And it's a good excuse,
That I'd like to use
Baby I know what to do,
Baby I-
I'll love you, love you
I will love you

The weekend was a terribly interesting one indeed-
It started with my baby beau hitting her last year as a teenager. She's all grown up now, but no less of herself than she was when we first met.
I love that about her.
And I figure it's not the last birthday I'll spend with her.
And I love knowing that^^
So when we're 91, we'll muck about like we always have except instead of cutting lovely chocolate cakes, we'll have a grammy-version of birthday cakes.
Perhaps some mashed banana sorta mush shaped in a cake for us and our toothlessness(:
I love you vicky<3

D and michelle have flown off home,
And I'm glas that when I said goodbye this weekend, I said it with the knowledge that I'll likely see them again soon.

Chris Lee's much awaited wedding rolled around and it was a lovely affair.
The timing of it, sort of how I'd imagine I'd like mine to be-
The solemnization being during the whole hooha of dinner and such.
It was a nice dinner, and the company counted for a lot-
My dinner date as well as the other folks at the table.
Allyson looked absolutely stunning in both dresses, and Chris was a far cry from those grooms who just appear to be the brides' evening accessory in place of a sparkly handbag(:
I'm happy for them, very much indeed^^

T spent the night, and despite having plans for our Monday, we ended up spending it being complete slobs instead.
I seem to have a terrible habit of making even the most productive of people terribly hobo-like. Might just have to add that to my list of mutant powers now!

Post face-stuffing with copious amounts of chocolate at Max Brenners (maman and little creature, I will pick a day to bring you both there^^) saw me grabbing burgers with ohana- first proper proper meal of the day.
They went off on their mommy-little amoeba date while I caught Japan vs Cameroon.
It was an interesting match largely because of the conversation during the match.
We spent a lot of it deciding what the citizens of cameroon should be called.
I've gotten it down to Cameroonians or People Of Cameroon (who I will affectionately refer to as POCs)

There's been talk about flying to krabi or bali. I'd quite like that^^
Seems like my June will be less of looking for a summer temp job as it will be just laying about and enjoying it for all its worth!
I don't mind that idea in the least(:

Smokes have lost that take on me of recent, well, since saturday.
And for that I am grateful because I've missed my blading and muay thai and the way my body just desperately wanted fruits and veggies aaaaaall the time.
It's refreshing(:

So I've got a meeting later that I'm very much looking forward to.
I'd like to see what Nora has planned, and how I can be a part of it. I'm in love with work and the people and just what I do and get to do in general.
Sooooo ^^

In the meantime, the shower is screaming my name and so is Buttons and her need for a shower.
Filthy little maomao!

So until then,

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