Sunday, June 27, 2010

Just in case you were wondering...

I'm seeing myself off to Phuket tomorrow evening(:
I foresee a lot of lazing about, time in the sun and where our biggest battle will be against inersia.
Can't say I'm complaining, to be honest.

And because I thought it nice for you to check out where we'll be for the next five days,
here're pictures!^^

Warning: You will likely get jealous, I'm afraid. It is quite, quite lovely.


So this is our rooftop pool.
Complete with a view(:
And random lounge-about spot. Y'know, for days, we don't feel like the pool/beach.
A nice spot for a game of chess, me thinks.

And what would a holiday be without a bar hey?

But the best bit, swear to God,
just has to be the room.

We're staying in a Studio Apartment,
so that means pretty much most living needs all in a cute little space!

And I think I spy a little window couch to the top left corner of the picture!
Oh is love!
Perfect for cosying up with a book(:

Oh and yes, complete with an outside balcony AND kitchenette.
So that the room won't smell of cooking, when we're done, and also so we can have dinners and such, outside in the evenings,
with the breeze and the view(:

I would be lying, just absolutely lying through my teeth if I said I wasn't looking forward to this.
And yes I know pictures can lie and all, and I'm trying desperately not to have too high an expectation. But at the same time, the worst I can imagine are these pretty pictures, just awfully aged and dirty.
And it still doesn't seem Godawfully bad, y'know?

I hope the trip turns out brilliantly.
I quite imagine it will actually.

Lazy days spent cosying up, the smell of coffee in the morning, sun, four-wheel drives, grocery shopping, wondering what to cook for dinner, and dinners on the balcony.
I am looking forward to it, all of it, immensely(:


I haven't really been updating.
I happened to be awfully ill the last time I blogged, and have since spent that day, battling it.
In fact, even right now, I've got the remnants of the sniffles.
It's bloody awful.

I sat on my ass for quite a bit before finally hauling my feverish self to the doctors. Got a bout of meds, and stocked up on others, and I am more or less fine and dandy now!

Soccer's been bril so far, and I have managed to stay up for two matches!
Spain and Chile was the most worth it, out of all the matches I've watched. At least I think.
They've started running together, all the matches, and aside from Spain and Chile, I can't quite remember how the others played. I quite liked the Netherlands, I think.
Anyway, Torres isn't the best of recent, I'm hoping he'll pick up and work that Liverpool magic that he always has(:
Alexis Sanchez, who plays for Chile is one dishy guy. And all of 22, yum! But Chile's out, shame that.
I'm looking forward to soccer night over pizzas and coke when I'm back from Phuket. And making pancakes in the morning too, of course. Although lets hope we keep the kitchen-destroying to a minimum. Mommy's fine with me destroying our kitchen but I think it best to leave other people's kitchen intact.

I've also had thee major meeting for and about work. And I absolutely love where and how it's going. It's upsetting that I'm missing two first classes this week, but then I think,
dinners on the balcony,
and I find myself a bit less upset. ^^

Had a performance yesterday at the Vineyard Loft, and I think it went pretty well and I'm fantabulously pleased(:
Erika brought Nick with her this time, and he didn't seem to mind it all. Neither did Kevin, who came to watch for the first time. And I'm quite pleased at the turnout(:
The family (which includes Vicky) were there, and I realize how lucky I am to have always had them around at most of my performances. Victor had to come by earlier to sort out sound, bless his heart. I'll never know what I'd do without them, any of them(:
It's the first time in five years that I've performed with the entire band. And I absolutely loved it. We're promising to do more, and truly, I hope we do before I leave<3

It's been a smashing end to an altogether lovely week.
Can't say I've minded any of it.

I crashed out today though. Just completely died and only rolled out of bed at half three in the afternoon. Personally, I thought it horrendously disgusting. But I suppose my body needed to do that. Especially after sleeping at half past four, if not five, for three out of the last four/five nights.
And I'm not really doing anything to help it actually. Rawr.
It's already 3.45am on a Monday.
I need to get bloody started with my packing, dammit.

I'd best be off then!
Breakfast with Vicky in six hours. I'm contemplating blading there.
hmmmm, now that's a thought^^

Phuket, here I cooooomeeee.

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