Thursday, March 24, 2011


I spent all day looking forward to this evening-
Us finishing work and coming home for dinner.

And work was great. It was brilliant and productive (sure the last morning class could've gone better but you can't win them all hey?)
It was me.
It was me doing all I know, with all that I could. And I loved it.
But for the first time ever, there was something beyond that.
The rest of me, waiting right on the edge. Waiting to go home to you.

and so I did.


I don't know how to feel about what I feel right now.
It's not wrong.
It's just new. And when things are new, you sort of want to look to someone who'll give you even just the slightest downward tilt of a chin- that might just pass for a nod.

Because more often than not,
it's infinitely easier to lean towards all the things you know with your person.
Especially when they know how to say your name just right. Especially when they need you like you've always needed them.
And even whilst you're looking over your shoulder at that 20-foot distance between you and the only Something New you've ever wanted with all of your being.

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