Sunday, June 28, 2009

Reminds me of Bird and all the things that can happen in a single day.

Funny. Funny Funny Funny.

So, despite getting up at four to dope myself with drugs that make me stop having reactions, I managed to get up in time for church.
In the time after putting on my jeans and mid-way through sermon, I realize that it's harder and definitely more painful to walk.

Right now, my knees are two and a half times its normal size, my calf has a fat and swollen version of China's map on it and I cannot even clench my fist to shake it angrily because, guess what,

Sweet Jeebus.

My temperature came back and I did attempt to see the doctor but, fuck it.
I've got work tomorrow! Wait, I miss saying "I've got school." So I shall!
I've got school tomorrow! Yay!

Well I got home and doped myself up some more. It's definitely made it a lot less itchy. Or maybe I've inadvertently slowed down my reactions so much that by the time I lean down to scratch it, it's un-itchified itself. hmm.

Durian-time! because I'm going to go on a Durian sabbatical for one week):
It's only good for me)))): Even though it makes me want to cry.

So, while i get over the pain and heat that radiates through my legs everytime i stand up,
you guys have a lovely, lovely week!

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