Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tell me, tell me, tell me

Because I love the way she does-
Thoughtfully, like she's not recapping for the sake of it.
In detail, inclusive of the occasional laugh she had during.
Like it matters.
The way it matters now, and will, even tomorrow.

It's not like I'm privvy to everything, or that I absolutely must know. Some days are better than others, some days can be talked about while other days would rather be blocked out for a bit.
But what I love, is how we talk.
Not so much the content as the way we do.

And we don't, we don't really have to I suppose.
I, for one, figure that my days must sound like a boring continuous stream of things that pretty much sound the same. I quite remember talking about work a lot more before, but I seem a tad less inclined to these days, love it as I do.
It's refreshing, hearing about it from her. Whether it's work or friends or family or sitting around playing with lego.

I wonder if that'll stop, eventually.
(Not like I've been mulling it over and fretting, it's just a thought that occurred to be as I went about this post)
You know, if perhaps one or the other will stop asking, or just not feel much like talking. Not that one will always need to talk, and not necessarily always about work.
Just, well, in general.

If maybe one or the other (sometimes I feel I might just be in danger of this) goes on endlessly about themselves, tiring the other out with an overload of information. Or if, there doesn't seem to be a reason to ask anymore.
Isn't that what always happens, over time?

I've never actually stopped to think about things like this before, come to think of it. With anyone.
How odd.

It's the age old, "Charis, you think to much" thing going on. Not that it's any sort of pressing thing weighing on my mind.

Maybe it's because I'm comfy, maybe it's the way things seem to fall into place.
But I figure, when we stop talking about work, or projects at hand, we'd likely easily find new things to tell each other about. That's just me being presumptuous but it certainly feels that way.

Like I said,
it's not so much what we talk about, as it is the way we're able to.

So tell me.

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