Thursday, October 28, 2010

How far do I have to go, to get to you?

"Where'd she go?"
"Took a trip man"
"Fer rel?"
"Took off. Took off running. Til she realized the only thing she was running from was what she needed to sit down and have a chat with."
"And then?"
"So then she came back."
"You betcha. And she be dancing at bus stops now, music in her ears. I think she might be happy."
"Or mad."
"Or that, true. But it's not answers she needed see, she never needed answers. She just needed to know for sure. Even if she was sure about not being sure. Solid ground- that's what that girl needed. And when the most solid thing in the world starts feeling shaky, heck I'd run too."
"Yeah. I guess you would hey. So then, how'd the mess she had fix itself?"
"Well, I don't even know if it's fixed yet. But just finally facing up and talking about it, as opposed to talking about talking about it. Y'know what I mean?"
"Yeah. But so like, that's it? She just needed to frikkin' talk?"
"Naw man. She needed to talk, but she also needed to know she could still talk. And I guess it worked for her, finding out that talking still came easily and honestly with- well, a particular person."
"A particular person?"
"A particular person?"
"Yeah, who she'd felt a long way off from in the last what, three or so months?"
"Oh. Okay."
"Yeah, but news is- the air's cleared. And I think it's always nice to be able to breathe again."
"You got that right."
"Yeah, so uh. The coffee machine's dead."
"Is it? Bloody hell, I've been waiting a half hour for non existent coffee."
"We all do that sometimes I suppose. But then, I'll bet the coffee tastes better when it finally does come."
"For sure."

"So, I'm heading out for my morning fix then. How bout I pick you one up too?"
"Sounds like a plan."
"Does it now?"
"Yeah, and not just cos you're buying either."
"I'll figure out a reply to that later. Meanwhile, the world could do with seeing a couple of blokes in suits dancing at bus stops don't you think?"
"The world could do with seeing a whole load of blokes dancing at bus stops, but I figure, someone's gotta start it."

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